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Law4Community provides legal information relevant to the community sector. It aims to assist individuals and community workers by providing accessible information through the following menu options:

FIND a Victorian legal service relative to you or your client’s specific issue

CHECK whether other legal or social issues may be affecting you or your client

EXPLORE articles on the latest reform in the community sector

Fitzroy Legal Service publishes this website and has a longstanding commitment to community access to the law, community legal education and representing the vulnerable in the legal system.

Fitzroy Legal Service also provides legal information in an accessible and dynamic format by publishing the following websites:

The Law Handbook Online
A practical guide to the law in Victoria.

A dynamic legal resource for students and teachers.

Activist Rights
A resource for people taking action for positive change in their lives and communities.Paintless Dent Removal Dandenong
A resource for Dandenong residents who are looking for minor dent repair services in their local area.

This project is generously supported by a major grant from the Legal Services Board