The Law4Community website is no longer available. For any enquiries regarding this please contact the Fitzroy Legal Service Publications team on (03) 9419 3744. For information on community service organisations and community development resources please see the following websites: 

Fitzroy Legal Service leads many social action campaigns to improve the rights of its clients and the local community using law reform, advocacy, policy development and community legal education. It also strives to encourage empowerment in the community and to make individuals and organisations aware that they can influence the laws that affect them in their everyday lives. 

The Law Handbook Online provides a practical guide to the law in Victoria.

Law 4 Education provides legal information and resource materials for Secondary and TAFE teachers and students.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place provides community workers with a manual to the legal system. It is now available for downloading (pdf) on the Fitzroy Legal Service site.

Service Directory for Drug and Alcohol Users provides comprehensive information for drug and alcohol users, as well as a directory of service providers in Victoria. It is also a valuable resource for people working with clients who have drug and alcohol problems.

BroCAP - The Brotherhood Library Current Awareness Portal posts the latest information and articles relevant to the community sector from sources including research bodies, government, academia and think tanks.

Federation of Community Legal Centres provides a listing of all Community Legal Centres in Victoria.

This project is generously supported by a major grant from the Legal Services Board